Ceremony Terminology

I.M.A Houston is a traditional martial arts school offering quality instruction in the art of Shotokan Karate-Do, related self defense by instructors who have trained with Sensei Patrick Richoux.  I.M.A Houston is part of the I.M.A Family, dedicated to teaching Shotokan Karate, a traditional Japanese Martial Art.

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Rei Bow      
Seiza Knee down      
Mokuso Yame        
Sensei, Onegaishimasu Teacher, please train us      
Sensei, Domo Arigato Gozai-mashita Teacher, Thanks you very much      
Such is the case at I.M.A Houston.


To provide a friendly, safe, and positive environment in which, students can learn the philosophy and the skills of Martial Arts.

To have a strong, supportive martial arts family, which build positive role models within the surrounding community, demonstrating exceptional character and the philosophy of non-violence.

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To enable each student to achieve a life-long commitment to martial arts and to become a successful individual in everyday life through the practice of DOJO KUN:
We aim to help people reach their highest potential of both body and mind. We want each and every student, from 3 to 99 years of age, to leave each class feeling good about themselves, and with the confidence they need to tackle life’s challenges.


As an IMA student, you will study a dynamic and powerful traditional martial art called Shotokan Karate. You will learn how to generate speed, strenghth and power through correct breathingcoordination of movement and concentration. You will gain a mastery over your body which will help you in both self-defense situations and in everyday life.

Karate training at IMA is much more than just a physical experience, however. It is a complete discipline that also involves the heart and the spirit. It is through training your body that you can learn to also discipline your mind and temper your spirit

The most important goal of IMA karate instructors and their students is to help one another develop a balance within themselves so that they may express their true natures and ultimately become better human beings.
By joining IMA Family, we will help you develop your self-confidence and your self-discipline, help you focus your mind, improve your self-esteem and have a more positive attitude.
We offer you and your family one free class and welcome you to learn more about our family-oriented IMA dojo and look forward to hearing from you.