Suzuki Cup 2015

On Saturday December 5th, IMA Houston took part in the annual Suzuki Cup in Dallas. It was an International Competition, where USA Team Members were present and competing along the other athletes.

7 IMA Houston athletes attended this event: Sama, Naoufal, Nicholas, Sirine, Alexandra, Oliver and Imane. They came back with 4 gold medals, 4 silvers and 3 bronzes, each of them bringing back at least a medal.

The results are as follow:

  • Sama: 1st in Kata, 1st in Kumite
  • Naoufal: 3rd in Kata, 2nd in Kumite
  • Nicholas: 2nd in Kata
  • Sirine: 1st in Kata, 2nd in Kumite
  • Alexandra: 2nd in Kumite
  • Oliver: 3rd in Kata
  • Imane: 1st in Kata, 3rd in Kumite

IMA Houston is proud of your results and thanks you all for your participation.