January belt Testing

January belt testing was really great, it happened on Saturday January 23rd at the dojo. All students were there, and worked very hard.

All ages and grades levels were represented from the beginner (white belt) to the black belt 3rd degree. After a hard class of conditionnning, and kihon, there were all tested, and all past their belt.

A special congratulations to Ali that became Black Belt 4th degree, the highest rank after Kyoshi at the dojo.

Ali  Lamkahouan 4th Dan Black/Yondan
Abod Taha Shodan-ho Black/Green
Katherine Lee !st Kyu Black/Brown
Brandon Gonzalez 3rd kyu Brown/White
Lenaig Seznec 5th kyu Purple
Cristobal Garcia 7th kyu Orange
Anamercedes Chavez 8th kyu Yellow
Salvador Sanchez 9th kyu Yellow/White
Alessandra Villalobos 9th kyu Yellow/White
Jayden Chavez 9th kyu Yellow/White
Louis Diaz 9th kyu Yellow/White
Sebastian Puentes 9th kyu Yellow/White
Alexis Santos 9th kyu Yellow/White
Shuaib Shobande 9th kyu White/yellow


Keep going the hard work!

Next belt testing will be on Saturday February 20th. More information will be given later.