November belt Testing

November belt testing was really great, it happened on Saturday November 12th at the dojo. All students were there, and worked very hard.

All ages and grades levels were represented from the beginner (white belt) to the Brown/Black 2nd Kyu. After a hard class of conditionnning, and kihon, there were all tested, and all past their belt.

A special congratulations to all our new Brown/Black belt who are now only two steps away from their black belt!


IMA HOUSTON Belt Test November 12, 2016

Lenaig Seznec 2nd Kyu Brown/Black
Sophie Ennadi 2nd Kyu Brown/Black
Naoufal Ennadi 2nd Kyu Brown/Black
Sama Ennadi 2nd Kyu Brown
Alessandra Villalobos 6th Kyu Green
Alexis Santos 6th Kyu Green
Jackson Smith 6Bth Kyu Green/White
Jayden Chavez 7th Kyu Orange
Veronica Luna 7th Kyu Orange
Anderson Arenas 7Bth Kyu Orange/White
Julius Black 7Bth Kyu Orange/White
Jada French 7Bth Kyu Orange/White
Agathe Beigneux 7Bth Kyu Orange/White
Adanna Chukwu 10th Kyu White/Yellow
Uchenne Chukwu 10th Kyu White/Yellow
Chidinma Chukwu 10th Kyu White/Yellow


Keep going the hard work!

Next belt testing will be on Saturday January 14th, 2017. More information will be given later.